Wohl Court Hendon


Client: Jewishcare

Completion: June 2018

Value: £14m

Project Summary

This infill site in the north London Borough of Barnet provided McAdams with the opportunity to showcase their design and delivery skills when working alongside D&B Contractor McLaughlin & Harvey. Delivered on an extremely restricted site the 5 storey development provides quality housing that is suitable for older people. The accommodation includes completely self-contained one and two bedroom apartment’s arranged around an internal courtyard which provides a safe and secure outdoor space hidden from the busy public road. The design also incorporates communal spaces such as a large south facing living/dining room, a multifunctional room for use by the residents, a laundry room and a guest suite for visiting family or friends. There are also spaces for the on-site staff including offices, staff overnight room and staff room.

A key planning consideration was how the scale of the development had to be manipulated from front to rear to address the scale and context of the adjoining properties. McAdams were commended by the Planners for the completed scheme as its imposing 5 storey frontage was commensurate with the surrounding high street properties whilst its 2 storey rear dwellings sympathetically blended in with the adjoining domestic properties


Wohl Court Hendon is a fine example of how affordable elder living accommodation can be delivered in the heart of a thriving busy commercial district thus ensuring residents retain a link to the community in which they live. Key features include:

  • Modern spacious living accommodation is provided adjacent to busy shops and community facilities ensuring elder resident have a full life experience
  • Safe secure communal facilities helps foster a community spirit and provides a platform to retain existing friendships or make new ones
  • On-site welfare facilities and in-house staff ensure the residents are monitored and cared for 24/7 whilst they also retain an element of autonomy and privacy

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