Victoria Park PS

Education Authority

Client: Education Authority

Completion: June 2015

Value: £5.2m

Project Summary

This modern 14 class base Primary School incorporates a listed building as an annex which augments the school accommodation whilst providing a community centre for the local neighbourhood. The new 2236m2 building is single storey and was commissioned as part of a wider PFI Framework. It includes a multi-purpose hall and dedicated dining hall and kitchen which can both be accessed by the local community outside school hours. The phased delivery was achieved on the existing restricted site whilst the original school remained fully operational. This was achieved by placing the new build to the rear of the existing school which then upon demolition provided much needed additional parking and vehicular access to the front of new facility. McAdams utilised the entire footprint of the site to provide a larger and improved playground augmented by a rectangular grass sports field. This was beyond the brief requirements and was much appreciated by the school.


Victoria Park School was part of Belfast Schools for the Future PFI programme in which McAdams designed and delivered over £60m worth of new educational facilities. This particular scheme had a very positive impact of the local East Belfast community as follows:

  • A section of the original school building was listed (Grade B+) and had to be carefully dismantled, stored, and then re-assembled for successful integration into the new scheme as a teaching space annexe / Community Education facility. This has its own separate carpark and entrance and is used by the local community outside school hours
  • A new grass pitch on the site due to a more efficient use of the available space.
  • Improved pedestrian and vehicular movement greatly increased pupil safety on site
  • Mixed mode heat recovery ventilation to all the classrooms provided enhanced ventilation and control of C02 rates. This also significantly improved energy efficiency and reduced running costs.

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