Project Alpha Water Treatment Works

Dalriada Water

Client: Dalriada Water

Completion: 2008

Value: £75 Million

Project Summary

As part of the £125M DBFO Project Alpha, Dalriada Water upgraded four large water treatment plants to increase capacity across Northern Ireland by 400Ml/day. McAdam were commissioned by Dalriada Water as one of two designers for Project Alpha, responsible for the civil, structural and hydraulic design of Castor Bay and Ballinrees WTWs.

The 147Ml/day Castor Bay WTW and 50Ml/day Ballinrees WTW designs include a full rebuilds on the existing sites. The process at the treatment works consisted of dissolved air flotation, rapid gravity filters, manganese filters, granular activated carbon filters and ozone.  Fully automatic sludge presses with integral cake scrapers were installed and covered sludge drying beds constructed to reduce the sludge mass to a minimum before off site disposal.

McAdam initially developed concept designs through the initial appraisal stage to support planning applications and construction costs with value for money and risk assessments. McAdam then delivered the detailed structural and civil designs for the new plants working in partnership with the civil and process contractors to complete a full hydraulic, civil and structural design of the new plants.


The PPP Alpha Project has improved drinking water quality for customers across Northern Ireland supporting growth and development and providing security of supply and resilience to consumers. This project achieved a CEEQUAL Excellent (82.1%) – Whole Team Award due to the environmentally sensitive design and high levels of energy efficiency

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