Peace Building & Conflict Resolution Centre

Maze Development Corporation

Client: Maze Development Corporation

Completion: August 2014

Value: £16m

Project Summary

This ground-breaking project re-imagined the existing Maze Prison site in Lisburn as an Iconic Peace Building & Conflict Resolution which showcased the incredible work undertaken by all sections of Northern Ireland in building the Peace Process. The commission was secured via a restricted select list competition and in this instance we decided to partner with Studio Daniel Liebskind from New York. This international award winning Architect is renowned for his work on conflict resolution projects and partnering with his practice on this exceptional ambitious project was a key success factor for McAdams.

Stakeholder engagement included all sections of the community including those groups with a direct experience of life in the original Maze Prison. All stakeholders participated positively in the process and were very complimentary regarding the design and direction of travel. Given the diverse range of opinions this was a very challenging task however we managed to find compromise and agreement from all sectors before final presentation to the OFMDFM at Stormont.

The project attracted national press attention and TV coverage as the design was iconic and the subject matter provocative however unfortunately after having secure planning approval the project was suspended. We hope that we can re-engage in the future with OFMDFM and eventually deliver this landmark building


McAdams have a long history of working on projects at the interface of community relations in Northern Ireland and the Peace Building & Conflict Resolution Centre exemplified our commitment to this very important work. Whilst this project was envisaged as an important step forward in the healing process between the two communities it also had a much wider ambition. The international reach of this project was a very important aspect of our proposals with the finished scheme being antipcated as a world renowned centre for the dissemination of conflict resolution strategies. The Peace Process is viewed on a world stage as an exemplar solution to a very difficult problem and this project was seen as a celebration of that success

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