Oaklands SEN School

London Borough of Hounslow

Client: London Borough of Hounslow

Completion: Aug 2018

Value: £22.5m

Project Summary

A school like no other this large and full spectrum SEN school was painstakingly designed and delivered to address every requirement and expectation of a diverse pupil population. As a new SEN (Special Educational Needs) School for the London Borough of Hounslow it caters for a long-term enrolment of 224 students comprised in 2 elements: High Oaks Secondary which provides for 11-19 year olds and Great Oaks College, a Specialist Independent College, providing 2-4 year courses for young adults aged 19-25 years. With an internal floor area of 8215 m² the School is designed as 2 storeys with over 30 classrooms of specialist accommodation for children with disabilities and special learning requirements.

A significant design challenge was the level of noise pollution around the site including traffic noise from the A4 Great West Road, train noise from the adjacent Piccadilly Line and the overriding aircraft noise, as the site is directly under the Westerlies approach to Heathrow Airport. The acoustic insulation treatment of walls, windows, roofs etc was of critical importance and was dealt with successfully, creating a calm and inspirational teaching environment that is essential for the learning of all, but especially for this particular group of students.


This SEN School was delivered the heart of the community it serves surrounded by dense urban development. The following facilities were much needed and appreciated by the local community

  • Specialist provision for children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • A warm-water Swimming Pool and a specialist Hydrotherapy Pool
  • 3G MUGA pitch and synthetic track for shared community use
  • Sensory garden & Horticultural Area
  • Sensory Theatre providing stimulatory, interactive and relaxing activities
  • The OK Café, a training café run and staffed by 6th form students

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