Northern Resilience

Northern Ireland Water

Client: NI Water

Completion: 2021

Value: £5.5M

Project Summary

As part of NI Water's ongoing drive to increase resilience in its water supply zones, McAdam were appointed as Project Managers to support delivery of a range of schemes to help improve security of supply within their Northern Resource Zone. Part of the solution was to provide increased capacity  to move water (24MLD) around the current supply zone through use of strategic mobile/modular water pumping stations at key locations within the supply network.  

Civil works were designed and constructed at key locations with the pumping stations constructed within factory conditions reducing on-site construction costs, increasing quality control and reducing the likelihood of site based accidents. The skid mounted pumping stations were delivered to the two sites in Ballinrees and Moys in August 2021 using a 230T crane to lift the stations into place on to the pre-prepared concrete base slab. 

This first of it's kind project, using two modular, factory constructed water pumping stations, was delivered in highly collaborative fashion with the project delivery team of NI Water, McAdam, BSG, DPS/EPS Group and RPS, all contributing to a successful project. 


This project will provide the follwing benefits:

  • Improved network flexibility
  • Increased security of supply to customers
  • Cost effective solution that can be relocated within the supply zone
  • Off-Site construction reducing carbon footprint of construction process
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Reduced time on site resulting in lower H&S risks to construction staff

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