Northern Regional College, Newtownabbey

Northern Regional College

Client: Northern Regional College

Completion: September 2009

Value: £8.85m

Project Summary

Northern Regional College provides vocational training for students across a range of specialist subjects from Motor Engineering to Plumbing and Gas Installation. The brief for this project was to deliver new state-of-the art ‘skills’ based workshops with associated spaces for Staff and Administration which was linked back to the existing accommodation via a centralised social space. The single storey block forms a rough ‘U-shape’ on the site with brickwork walls and profiled metal roofs. Internal partitions are a mixture of blockwork and light-weight metal stud partitions. Approximately 1000 sqm of existing redundant accommodation was also stripped back to shell and refurbished to accommodate Welding, Heavy Engineering and Electronic Engineering. All of this work was designed and delivered whilst the existing NRC College remained fully operational. This required complex phasing arrangements agreed via extensive stakeholder workshops with the end-users. Key challenges included

  • Resolution of complex floor level issues to promote greater DDA integration.
  • Stakeholder engagement with numerous users across a multitude of specialist operations
  • Specialist operations encompassing a range of technical issues & equipment
  • Ensuring appropriate equipment was identified and transferred from current NRC locations
  • Development of the refurbishment works within existing zones with poorly insulated walls


The purpose of the new-build extension and refurbishment was to upgrade current facilities which we achieved as follows:

  • Educational accommodation is now better suited to the delivery of the courses
  • Reorganisation of the various departments has now ensured that all teaching suites are appropriately grouped and no longer suffer from occupying rooms over a number of floors
  • Provision of much needed social spaces within the NRC campus have ensured better student retention on site at all times
  • Development has ensured that NRC now has a consolidated ‘skills’ focussed campus that is well placed to deliver the additional educational needs of their students

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