North West Regional College, Limavady

North West Regional College

Client: North West Regional College

Completion: August 2004

Value: £2.5m

Project Summary

North West Regional College (NWRC) Limavady provides an important teaching resource for this small market town. Our brief was to breathe new life into the existing facility via an extensive refurbishment programme and new 4 storey teaching block which we delivered whilst the existing NWRC remained fully operational. Following extensive consultation with the College we devised a simple 2 phase solution which used the new teaching block to provide a dynamic new frontage to the college in conjunction with an over-render of existing buildings to provide a harmonious and cost effective new elevational treatment.

The new teaching block was joined to the existing teaching block by a glazed link at each floor which allowed the extension to also upgrade the circulation and fire escape provision beyond just the new build element. The new teaching block provided vocational subjects on the ground floor which had a “shop” front appearance so that they could interface with the public.

Finally the completed project re-configured the front vehicular and pedestrian access to the college to improve safety, provide better parking and resolve congestion at the front entrance.


The purpose of the new-build extension and refurbishment was to upgrade current facilities which we achieved as follows:

  • Provided a refresh of the colleges public image and re-energised its appeal to students
  • Educational accommodation is now better suited to the delivery of the courses.
  • Reorganisation of the various departments has now ensured that all teaching suites are appropriately grouped and no longer suffer from occupying rooms over a number of floors.
  • Provision of easy pedestrian access encourages the public to access the parts of the College that are “front facing” to the community
  • Upgraded the envelope on the existing building to improve thermal performance

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