NISP Innovation Centre


Client: Catalyst

Completion: September 2016

Value: £16.9m

Project Summary

The Northern Ireland Science Park at Titanic Quarter Belfast is the location for this ambitious 3 phase Innovation Centre focused on IT start-up companies. Beginning in 2008 we master-planned a prime brownfield site for a 3 phase office park development which could be staggered in delivery to match tenant demand. To achieve this we devised an interconnected 141,000 sq.ft development comprised of three 47,000 sq.ft independent office buildings. Such was the success of our proposals in attracting companies to this new innovation district that each new building commenced upon completion of the previous project resulting in Phase 3 being completed in 2016.

Key design drivers for each building was future flexibility and the ability to shape the internal plan and servicing requirements to each specific tenants needs. We devised a 5 storey open floor plate with generous horizontal and vertical service distribution terminating at a roof top plant. Developed in collaboration with Catalyst this arrangement has proved extremely effective. In addition each project was designed in accordance with BREEAM design criteria which confirmed their sustainability credentials. This included renewable energy installations such as PV Cells etc


The Northern Ireland Science Park Innovation Centre created substantial employment opportunities in Titanic Quarter by attracting new dynamic start-up companies to the area. This has contributed to the effective regeneration of this important Docklands Area and acted as the catalyst for much more ambitious developments on the surrounding vacant sites. Key benefits include

  • High quality and consistent architectural theme as benchmark for future developments
  • Simple design solution with large clear spans ensured that NISP was able to offer numerous spatial options to accommodate wide range of tenant demands
  • Remediation of existing brownfield site re-claimed important sites for commercial use in the historic docklands setting

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