Marine Gardens

Carrickfergus Castle

Client: Carrickfergus Castle

Completion: December 2012

Value: £1.2m

Project Summary

This important community project involved the sensitive redevelopment of existing War Memorial, Feature Gardens, Clock Tower, Play Park, Hard / Soft Landscaping, and other associated works. The existing Memorial was refurbished and extended with its main Dias realigned to accommodate larger crowds and DDA access. The gardens where completely redesigned with a new theme which incorporated the existing Clock Tower. This was completely refurbished to include a new Café and welfare facilities situated at the base of the Clock Tower. A new ramp was constructed leading to the roof of the Café providing a superb viewing platform over Belfast Lough. A new £400k Play Park was constructed near to the Clock Tower themed around an impressive Pirates ship and children’s play equipment. This ensured welfare facilities where in close proximity while creating a revenue generator for the new Café.


The proposal to include a Café at the base of the existing Clock Tower introduced a revenue generator which the Client had not previously considered. Access to the roof over the Café was developed to create a dual purpose of a viewing platform over Belfast Lough and a performance platform that the Client can utilise during public events.

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