Dúiche Roden

Clúid Housing

Client: Clúid Housing

Completion: 2023

Value: €31.5m

Project Summary

McAdam has undertaken the role of Employer Representative for the Clúid Housing on the Dúiche Roden project which is located in the centre of Dundalk in a mixed use area. The site is bounded on the north and west by Ice House Hill Park. To the south is the Carroll Mead housing estate and to the east is the Longwalk Shopping centre.

Overall there will be 130 units in the scheme all of which will be used for social housing. 75 of the units will be used for general needs families with 55 units for older persons.

The project is split into 2 delivery phases with units being handed over to the client at the completion of each phase.

This project is being developed via a Design and Build procurement route.


Benefits include:

  • Delivery of Clúid Housings Green Strategy and ambitious net-zero carbon targets
  • All new social housing dwellings are fully NZEB compliant
  • Local communities are fully engaged so their housing needs are properly addressed
  • Providing families with a safe and stable environment to raise their children
  • Delivering high quality, affordable housing with excellent outside amenity space
  • Utilizing Low Carbon Timber Frame Construction (Modern Methods of Construction)

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