Carland to Cookstown Trunk Mains

Northern Ireland Water

Client: Northern Ireland Water

Completion: 2017

Value: £2 Million

Project Summary

NI Water's 2012 Water Resource Management Plan, highlighted a deficit of up to 4Ml/d in the Central Water Resource Zone under onerous operating conditions and proposed options for resolving these operational shortfalls.

The Carland to Cookstown Strategic Link Main project is the first phase of these works to address this deficit and provides enhanced flexibility to transfer of up to 2Ml/d from the Southern Resource Zone which is supplied from Lough Neagh.

The project was for the installation of 11,500m of 315mm (OD) PE100 SDR17 main from Carland Service Reservoir, just north of Dungannon, to the Morgans Hill District on the southern outskirts of Cookstown. The route required negotiating several rivers, road bridges and large road culverts. In addition ancillary works included:

  • Connections to several District Metered Areas along the pipeline route adjacent to Cookstown to facilitate supplies to consumers in emergencies or during future maintenance
  • Flowmeter and telemetry installations at key locations to monitor flows and leakage

McAdam were appointed as NEC Project Managers for the construction phase and were also involved in the development of the scope and outline design, through to tender preparation, assessment and contract award.


The £2m Carland to Cookstown Strategic Link Main has ensured security of the supply of safe clean drinking water to customers in the Central Resource Zone. The new link main will bring many benefits to this community by improving water quality and security of the water supply, as well as environmental benefits such as reducing leakage.

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