Cam Burn Wind Farm

ABO Wind

Client: Mills Contracts

Completion: 2021

Value: Undisclosed

The proposed development consists of 6 wind turbines, one permanent metrological monitoring mast, associated transformers, substation, temporary site compound, site access tracks and associated cabling. The development has a life expectancy of 25 years, generating electricity fed back into the national grid system for subsequent sale in the All-Island Single Electricity Market. 

McAdam provided Civil Balance of Plant design services for Mills Contracts.


The wind farm will produce a net saving of approximately 15,335 tonnes of CO2 per annum through displacement of fossil fuel fired generation. Over the 25 year life of the wind farm it will displace, at current comparisons, approximately 383,366 tonnes of CO2. Based on Renewable UK industry trade body evaluation methodology for average annual UK household electricity consumption of 4,700 kWh at the time of planning submission, the wind cluster is estimated to provide the equivalent electricity for approximately 7,900 homes per year.

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