APEX Housing Association

APEX Housing Association

Client: APEX Housing Association

Completion: From 2011 to 2021

Value: £0.5m - £18m

Project Summary

McAdam has successfully delivered over 500 new Social Housing dwellings across Northern Ireland for Apex Housing Association. This successful partnership has been underpinned by our continuous involvement on their Consultants Housing Framework since 2011. Our in-house service from inception to completion includes Lead Designer Role (Architect), Project Management, Contract Administration and Principal Designer. We also manage and co-ordinate Civil / Structural Engineering; Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Landscape Architecture to provide a “one stop shop” multi-disciplinary service with single point responsibility provided by the McAdam PM.

The dwellings are designed to the highest sustainable standards which includes BRE Code for Sustainable Homes; the latest Life-Time Homes Standards and PSNI Secured by Design Standards. In collaboration with Apex Project Officers, we ensure that all our housing projects provide an adaptable, safe, and secure living environment.

The size, scale and range of housing projects vary, but all have been delivered in accordance with Apex's quality standards which align with the DFC DPG Design Guidance. House types include two & three storey dwellings; Duplex & Apartment units; Older Persons Category 1 & 2 dwellings and Bespoke designed Complex Needs Units. In all cases the schemes were successfully delivered on budget & within the contract programme.


Each social housing scheme commissioned by Apex and delivered by McAdam has been secured via a design competition crafted to extract the highest quality of design possible supplemented by the added benefits the project can deliver to the communities they serve. We support Apex in delivering the following community benefits:

  • Assisting with the long term socially sustainable urban regeneration
  • Local Community Stakeholder Engagement during design development
  • Socially sustainable communities through high quality open green space areas, secure private gardens & fully integrated children’s play areas
  • Environmentally sound homes with high levels of insulation & renewable energy strategies (Solar & PV Units) which result in lower running costs. Assists with NI Fuel Poverty Agenda
  • Low Carbon Timber Frame Construction (Modern Methods of Construction)

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