Alleyhill to Drumkeeran Trunk Main

Northern Ireland Water

Client: Northern Ireland Water

Completion: 2019

Value: £3 Million

Project Summary

Constructed in 2019, the Allyhill to Drumkeeran watermain improvements provides security of supply to customers in Fermanagh. The project consists of 4Km of 400mm (OD) PE100 SD17 main, 2.5Km of 250mm (OD) PE100 SDR11 main and 4.6km of 225mm (OD) PE100 SDR17. The mains were installed both in cross country and rural roads environs by a mixture of trenchless and open cut techniques. The project also involved refurbishment of the Doochrock Service Reservoir which included new inlet/outlets, baffle curtains, provision of Service Reservoir ICAT flow control and monitoring and upgrade to the existing chlorination plant.

McAdam supported the client through the feasibility, design and construction stages of this project by undertaking Project Management, CDM-Coordination, Public Relations and Land Liaison duties.


This project provides safe clean drinking water to the customers in south western area of Fermanagh. The new and replacement mains will bring many benefits to this community by improving water quality and security of the water supply, as well as environmental benefits such as reducing leakage. These works significantly reduce the risk of interruption to supplies (DG3) in this tourist area during the summer months / seasonal peaks and provides robustness to the system during emergencies by significantly improving Key Service Reservoir fill times.

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